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Friday, 6 September 2013

Transcript of podcast by Tabassome Simon on Clinical Pharmacology and FAST-MI

DS     I am in Geneva at the 11th EACPT Congress with Professor Tabassome Simon.  
FAST-MI co-author Ziad Mallat with EACPT Chair-Elect Tabassome Simon & EACPT Secretary Donald Singer
Tabassome, would you comment on the ways in which your expertise as a Clinical Pharmacologist has contributed to the success of the Fast-MI Registry.
TS      Since I am a Clinical Pharmacologist, I would just focus on papers emerged from my interests as a clinical pharmacologist.
What is great about being all together in different fields, is talking together.  We have different visions of the same issue and that gives us really strength, our way of looking at disease and that is what clinical pharmacology is about. 
One example of which we are very proud was the paper that we did that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine regarding the impact of polymorphisms for metabolism and transporters ABCB1 and CYP2C19 onoutcomes for those who were receiving clopidogrel. 
That was the first paper that we did together, with another team from the United States who did a trial called Triton with prasugrel and clopidogrel.  Both papers were published in the New England Journal of Medicine and that was a huge hit in 2009.  Later on, several other papers were focussed on this genotyping process, including with the Plato trial with ticagrelor.
One further aspect that FAST-MI brought us [was recording] concomitant drugs which were usually not taken into account in registries, in particular for PPIs -  proton pump inhibitors. We had that [information] and so we could look also at the impact of drug interactions. We published that in Circulation.
Later on we did several papers with Ziad Mallat and other colleagues regarding the impact of lipases such as sPLA2, both [from studies] in blood but also [from studies of] Mendelian randomisation. The paper is in press actually, in the Journal of American College of Cardiology, and will be published soon. Another paper regarding BAFF targeting B cells will be published in Nature Medicine this year.
DS     Tabassome Simon, thank you very much.
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