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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

EACPT Journal Matters - Clinical Therapeutics at the 2013 EACPT Geneva Congress

The team from the EACPT official journal were in Geneva for the 11th EACPT
Terry Materese, Judy Pachella and Richard Shader
Congress. This provided a great opportunity for EACPT members and congress delegates to find out more about the journal from the Editor Richard Shader, and leading members of the publishing team: Executive Publisher, Terry Materese, and Managing Editor, Judy Pachella. 

It also provided an excellent forum for the Editor-in-Chief, Richard Shader to provide a Masterclass on how to publish a scientific paper.

Initial fruits of collaboration between EACPT and Clinical Therapeutics
-  publications in the journal pending for articles from EACPT Lifetime Award
EACPT International Editor Donald Singer with Carlo Patrono

EACPT International Editor Donald Singer with Sir Michael Rawlins
winners Carlo Patrono and Sir Michael Rawlins, from EACPT Scientific Award winner David Devos, and further content from the Congress, including Congress Abstracts online.

View and download Congress Programme.
View Congress Abstracts ONLINE at the Clinical Therapeutics website.

The European Association of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics has  Clinical Therapeutics as its Official Journal, in partnership with the major international publisher Elsevier. 

The journal since April 2013 features highlights of EACPT scientific and other activities and provides information on future EACPT congresses, summer schools and other events. The journal will also publish peer-reviewed original papers and reviews arising from EACPT conferences.

Future EACPT Congresses and Summer Schools
2014 - 11th EACPT Summer School - Nijmegen: 5-8 July
2015 - 12th EACPT Congress - Madrid
2017 - 13th EACPT Congress - Prague
2019 - 14th EACPT Congress - Stockholm 

EACPT website 

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