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Thursday, 6 September 2018

Updates on the EACPT from the UK

The EACPT Executive Committee is meeting in early September 2018 in Birmingham in the UK West Midlands to plan for future activities. This coincides with the latest EACPT Focus meeting: Innovations in CPT Education - which is being held at the University of Birmingham from 7-8 September 2018. Delegates for the Focus meeting are expected from a wide range of countries, including Finland, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Lithuania, Poland, Italy, Spain, Romania, Malta and the UK.

EACPT EC in Birmingham
Key matters for discussion by the EACPT EC included:
1. Future EACPT Congresses - the next is due to be held from 29th June to 2nd July in 2019 in Stockholm as a partnership between the EACPT and the Swedish Society for Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. The Congress will address Tomorrow's Healthcare Challenges and will be held at the City Conference Centre - 5 minutes from Stockholm Central Station.
The Keynote Opening Lecture will be given by the President at the Karolinska Institute, Professor Ole Petter Ottersen, on global health and clinical pharmacology.

Congress sessions and themes will include:
  • Advanced therapies
  • Chronic disease
  • Clinical pharmacologists versus computers
  • Closing the money gap  
  • Drug regulation in the 2020's
  • EACPT meets Asian Societies      
  • EPHAR-EACPT joint symposium on personalised medicine
  • Ethics in clinical research
  • Global Health
  • How to become a clinical pharmacologist
  • How to measure drug exposure
  • How to measure drug use
  • How to perform a health economic study
  • Interprofessional exchange for better drug treatment
  • Misuse of medicines
  • Patient empowerment
  • Preparing tomorrow's prescribers
  • Prescribing and deprescribing
  • Targeting small populations  
  • The critically ill patient
  • Treating ageing populations 
  • Treating cancer
  • Treating children
2. New EACPT Awards for Best Scientific Paper in the previous 12 months on a clinical pharmacology or therapeutics theme. Authors may be from any discipline and do not have to be members of the EACPT. These awards will be launched in September 2018 and awarded initially every 2 months (6 times a year) from November 2018. 

Award winners will receive a free one year Individual Associate Membership (IAM) of the EACPT. Winners who are already EACPT IAMs will receive a 100€ prize. Papers which receive an EACPT Scientific Paper Award will be eligible to be considered for the biennial EACPT Scientific Award.

3. EACPT working groups on Education, Research, Young Professionals, and Regulation and Ethics.

4. New EACPT web series on Meet the Clinical Pharmacologists

5. Opportunities from links with international organisations such as the European Medicines Agency, IUPHAR, EPHAR and UEM|

6. Opportunities for Individual Associate Members including:
* discounted registration fees for EACPT meetings
* networking with colleagues worldwide through the global EACPT network of Associate Members
* active involvement in EACPT Working Parties and other activities  
The EACPT Executive Committee meets 6 monthly, with regular additional discussions by teleconference on key EACPT strategy and activities.
Future EACPT Congresses will be held in:
- 2019 Stockholm
- 2021 Athens
- 2023 Rotterdam

The EACPT was founded in 1993 - 25 years ago - and now includes as members all national organisations for clinical pharmacology in Europe, as well as organisations from further afield internationally. The EACPT aims to provide educational and scientific support for the more than 4000 individual professionals interested in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics throughout the European region, with its congresses attended by a global audience. The EACPT also advises policy makers on how the specialty can contribute to human health and wealth.

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