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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Major awards presented at EACPT Congress in Prague

Prof. Neuvonen
The EACPT 2017 Congress was held in Prague from 24th-27th June with 566 participants from all 5 continents - 28% from beyond the European Region, from Australia to China, Japan and South Korea to the USA. The Congress included 22 sessions with Keynote Lectures on current issues for research, education and clinical practice on safe and effective use of medicines. Almost 500 oral and poster presentations will be presented by delegates from the European Region and around the world.

The 2017 EACPT Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Professor Pertti J. Neuvonen, Finland for his outstanding contribution to the national and international benefits of clinical pharmacology for medicine, health care and patient safety.
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Prof  Calvo  with Prof. Kržan.
 Rodolfo Paoletti Medal for Distinction in European Pharmacology at the 2017 EACPT Congress in Prague was presented on 25th June to current EACPT President Professor Tabassome Simon from Paris and EACPT Past-President Professor Gonzalo Calvo from Barcelona. 

Prof. Kržan, Prof. Simon and Prof.Griesbacher

The awards were announced by EPHAR Past-President Professor Thomas Griesbacher and EPHAR President-Elect Mojka Kržan.

Prof. Simon, Prof Webb and Prof. Böttiger

The EACPT Scientific Award was presented to Professor David Webb, President of the British Pharmacological Society for his 2015 Lancet paper on PATHWAY 2.  This study
reported a significant improvement in blood pressure control in older, overweight patients with poorly controlled hypertension despite combination medical therapy when the mineralocorticoid antagonist spironolactone was added, treatment supported by directly observed therapy.

Prof. Hiley, Prof. Böttiger, Dr. Schirris and Prof. Simon
EACPT-EPHAR Awards were presented by EPHAR President Robin Hiley, EACPT Immediate Past-Chair Tabassome Simon and EACPT Chair Ylva Böttiger.

Dr Tom Schirris received his EACPT-EPHAR Award for his work on novel off-targeting of statins to understand contributory factors in risk of statin induced muscle damage.

Profs. Hiley, Böttiger, Rongen and Simon.
Dr Hoeke Baarsma received his EACPT-EPHAR Award for work on WNT-5A as a novel target to inhibit as a potential way to recover alveolar function and thus reduce development and severity of emphysema in COPD. Prof. Gerard Rongen accepted the award on behalf of Dr Baarsma.

Dr Samer, Prof. Maxwell and Education colleagues

The award of the EACPT Education Working Group went to Professor Simon Maxwell from Edinburgh for his national and international work on improving education of future and current prescribers.

 Future EACPT Congresses: 
- 2019 Stockholm
- 2021 Athens
- 2023 Rotterdam

The EACPT was founded 25 years ago and now includes as members all national organisations for clinical pharmacology in Europe, as well as organisations from further afield internationally. The EACPT aims to provide educational and scientific support for the more than 4000 individual professionals interested in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics throughout the European region, with its congresses attended by a global audience. The EACPT also advises policy makers on how the specialty can contribute to human health and wealth.

Clinical Therapeutics, the Official Journal of EACPT.

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