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Friday, 13 February 2015

UK efforts to improve patient safety through better prescribing

Friday 13 Feb 2015: Important roles of Clinical Pharmacologists include contributing to effectiveness and safety of healthcare through education and training about medicines, and assessment of prescribing skills.

A commentary on ‘Prescribing safety: ensuring that new graduates are prepared’ has today been published in the Lancet by authors from EACPT national member, the British Pharmacological Society.

The commentary describes recent efforts in the UK to minimise prescribing errors in modern healthcare, centred on development and validation over the past 5 years of a national Prescribing Safety Assessment by the British Pharmacological Society in partnership with the UK Medical Schools Council.

These efforts illustrate internationally relevant ways to improve patient safety and the outcomes of treatment with medicines.

See the Lancet to read the Commentary which is available free of charge.

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