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Friday, 26 September 2014

Update from Croatia on the 2015 EACPT Madrid Congress

The Executive Committee of the European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and
Rijeka, Croatia
Therapeutics (EACPT) is meeting from 26-28 September in Rijeka in Croatia, hosted by the Croatian Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics    

The main business of this EC meeting includes planning for:
the 12th biennial EACPT congress to be held from
Rijeka port
27-29 June 2015 in Madrid

-  further interaction with the official EACPT journal Clinical Therapeutics (online access is a benefit for individual associates of the EACPT)  
-  the next EACPT focus meeting, following the successful EACPT Cardiovascular Focus Meeting held in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, 3-5 July 2014 (selected papers will be published shortly in the offical EACPT journal - Clinical Therapeutics
- interaction with key policy organisations interested in medicines and patient safety, including the European Medicines Agency. EACPT chair Professor Gonzalo Calvo is inaugural co-chair of the Healthcare Professionals Working Party of the European Medicines Agency.

EACPT biennial congresses provide excellent opportunities to showcase issues of topics of  concern to the
internationalclinical pharmacology and therapeutics community, through timely and accessible original research presentations and commentaries to policy-makers, health and industry professionals, health technology providers, patient groups and academia.

The Madrid 2015 Congress will bring together a wide range of international delegates,
Royal Palace in Madrid
including health
professionals, clinical and life scientists, policy makers, professionals from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical communities and others interested in the spectrum from basic to clinical pharmacology and pharmacotherapy, and from drug discovery to regulatory affairs. 
Key themes at the Madrid congress are expected to include:
- medicines and global health, 
- regulation of biosimilar medicinal products, 
- novel insight into drug ADME,  
new models of public-private partnership in clinical research, 
- risk adapted clinical trial interventions, 
- pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacovigilance, 
- new pharmacological interventions against Alzheimer's disease,  
- research with electronic health care data,
- advice on writing papers from the Editor of Clinical Therapeutics
- heterogeneity in drug response, 
- the patient's voice in drug selection decisions,  
- translational medicine and pharmacogenetics,  
- therapeutics of wide range of common and serious diseases
- impact of
immunosuppression on cancer risk,
- health policy and safe prescribing. 
Sessions will also include discussion about and opportunities for networking in relation to new EACPT-facilitated research networks.

See website for the 12th EACPT Congress to be held in Madrid from 27-29 June 2015.

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