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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Update from Paris on the EACPT

Late cherry blossom in Paris
The EACPT Executive Committee met in Paris 18th-20th April, hosted by EACPT Vice-Chair Professor Tabassome Simon. The main business of this EC meeting included planning for the 11th biennial EACPT congress to be held from 28th – 31st August 2013 in Geneva.  
EACPT biennial congresses provide excellent opportunities to showcase issues of topical international concern to the CPT community, through timely and accessible original research presentations and commentaries to policy-makers, health and industry professionals, health technology providers, patient groups and academia.

The Geneva Congress will bring together a wide range of international delegates, including health
EACPT Executive Committee at the Hôpital St Antoine in Paris
professionals, clinical and life scientists, policy makers, professionals from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical communities and others interested in the spectrum from basic to clinical pharmacology and pharmacotherapy, and from drug discovery to regulatory affairs. For the Geneva Congress, there will be 101 invited speakers from 21 countries - 15 from the European region and a further 6 countries internationally, from the USA, Canada, New Zealand, China, Benin and India. Close to 400 abstracts have been submitted from 57 countries from all 5 continents for consideration for oral and poster communications.

Marie Besson (see Figure) and Caroline Samer are leading the local organizing committee for the EACPT in Geneva. Key themes at the Geneva congress will range from bedside pharmacology for special patient groups,
Marie Besson with EACPT Chairman Gonzalo Calvo
to pharmacology & toxicology, and pharmacology and society. Further sessions will include new biological agents, translational medicine and pharmacogenetics, advances in personalised diagnostics to improve the safety and effectiveness of medicines, updates on new biological approaches to ocular disease, therapeutics of cardiovascular, cancer and inflammatory disease, clinical trial design and regulation, drug safety and toxicology, clinical trial design and governance, health policy, communicating with the public, and safe prescribing. There will also be sessions on the safety of drugs, and on the European and international regulatory environment. 

To register for the Geneva EACPT Congress, go to the Congress website.

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