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Friday, 12 October 2012

Strategy development for the EACPT

EC members from UK, Sweden, Croatia and Italy
The European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics provides expert advice for European policy makers and medicines agencies, and organises congresses and workshops providing key information on the latest advances in research, education and policy on drug development and on the efficacy and safety of new and established medicines and their management. The EACPT  provides important additional support for its members, including representation and advocacy, training, and other aspects of development of the specialty.

EC members from France, Holland, Denmark, Finland and Germany
The international landscape for learned medical societies is evolving rapidly as a result of several key factors, including the impact of advances in molecular technology on drug discovery and development, changes in populations demographics, emergence of new therapeutic challenges,  the current global economic climate, and the effects of new e-technologies on ways of working and interacting for health and industry professionals, researchers and other interested in clinical sciences.

EC members from Holland, Spain, Germany & Hungary
The EACPT Executive Committee is in the process of conducting one of its regular strategy reviews, including evaluation of opportunities for the Assocation and its communities arising from the above developments. Results and actions arising from the strategy review will be discussed at the next biennial EACPT Congress to be held in Geneva 28-31 August 2013.

More on the EACPT Geneva 2013 Congress.

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